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PLANTZ 's mission is to make plant-based eating incredibly convenient and accessible .

Practical and healthy meals with just one click.

At Plantz, we have an unwavering commitment to health, the environment and animal welfare. We believe that healthy, sustainable eating should be accessible to everyone, without compromising taste or convenience. With this conviction, we tirelessly seek to offer ready-to-eat, 100% plant-based (vegan) and deep-frozen meals that are nutritious and practical.

In addition to caring about nutrition, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the food industry. By opting for a 100% plant-based approach, you help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and water consumption.

Real ingredients

We carefully select each ingredient we use in our meals, prioritizing fresh and organic ingredients. This way, we ensure you receive meals prepared with high-quality ingredients, grown with care and passion.

  • Reduce waste

    40% of the food purchased in the world goes to waste. Deep freezing helps reduce this waste, extending shelf life - no preservatives required.

  • Preserve nutrients

    Freezing is like nature's pause button. We can freeze meals in a few hours, so that the nutrients are fixed in the meals.

  • Make it accessible

    90% of the world's population don't get their recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables - because eating well is simply not convenient. Nutrient-rich frozen foods can help make this easier.

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