Our mission

PLANTZ 's mission is to make plant-based eating incredibly convenient and accessible to everyone.

Good food on every table

We want more balanced diets – abundant in plants and rich in nutritious , whole food ingredients.

Easier said than done: It seems that no matter where you are, food options are either too time-consuming , unhealthy , unsatisfying, or just plain expensive .

We founded Plantz to change that. Our mission is simple: to put good food on every table.

Our food philosophy

We love food, and we are committed to making it the best it can be.

From sourcing the ingredients we use, to the people we serve, we strive to do right by our customers, our community, and our world.

Real ingredients

A meal is only as good as its ingredients. We take care to source fresh vegetables, whole grains and perfectly ripe fruits - whenever possible from local and organic sources. Oh - and we never use artificial preservatives in our cooking. Full stop.

Real cuisine

Homemade food is better. We know, because ours is made by hand - we roast, sauté, and season our fruits and vegetables to bring out their natural flavors; grains cooked until perfectly al dente; and we test everything for quality before production and shipments.

At Plantz, we are all motivated by one goal: to bring exceptional quality from our kitchen to yours.

  • Reduce waste

    40% of food purchased in the world goes to waste. Deep freezing helps reduce this waste, extending shelf life - no preservatives required.

  • Preserve nutrients

    Freezing is like nature's pause button. We can freeze meals in a few hours, so that the nutrients are fixed in the meals.

  • Make it accessible

    90% of the world's population don't get their daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables - because eating well is simply not convenient. Nutrient-rich frozen foods can help make this easier.

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