As 10 frutas para aproveitar da estação do outono:

The 10 fruits to enjoy from the autumn season:

Autumn is a lovely season, filled with warm colors and a cozy feeling in the air. It's also a time of year that offers us an abundance of delicious, seasonal fruits to enjoy.
  1. Apples : Apples are perhaps the most iconic fruit of autumn. They come in a variety of types and flavors, from sweet to sour. They are perfect for eating natural, making jams, pies or even hot cider.

  2. Pears : Pears are also a wonderful choice this season. With their juicy and sweet texture, they are ideal for snacks or to add to salads.

  3. Grapes : Grapes are at their peak sweetness during the fall. They are a great option for a healthy snack or to add a touch of freshness to desserts.

  4. Figs : Figs are an indulgent and delicious fall fruit. They can be eaten fresh or dried, adding a sweet touch to cheese and meat dishes.

  5. Kiwi : Kiwis are rich in vitamin C and are especially tasty this season. They are a refreshing option for breakfast or as a complement to fruit salads.

  6. Pumpkins : Yes, pumpkin is actually a fruit! It is versatile and can be used in sweet and savory dishes, such as soups, cakes and pies.

  7. Pomegranates : Pomegranates are known for their unique flavor and antioxidant properties. They are great for making juices or adding color and flavor to salads.

  8. Cranberries : These little berries are perfect for creating sweet and sour sauces and adding a festive touch to fall meals, especially at Thanksgiving.

  9. Dates : Dates are an energetic and sweet option. They can be consumed as a quick snack or used in cake and cookie recipes.

  10. Clementines : These little citrus fruits are a fall classic. They are easy to peel and perfect to take as a snack to work or school.

Make the most of fall by trying these delicious seasonal fruits. Not only are they tasty, they are also a healthy way to get essential vitamins and nutrients.

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