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Where to start?

Have you always wanted to reduce or even stop eating meat, however, have the doubts that arise and how to adapt a plant-based diet to your routine distanced you from the initial trigger?

In this article we list 8 main points on how to start this revolution in this new way of eating, in a simple and inspiring way, so that this new path is full of flowers and plants. Enjoy! Go VGO!

1 - Find your reasons.

Plant-based eating is not simply a diet! It is a lifestyle in which we make ethical choices in relation to animals and which also involve people, our health and the environment. The fact is that these are the most conscious and coherent choices for our planet and all the beings that inhabit it. Whatever the reason that initiates your change, it is natural that we raise awareness for all causes... and the animals thank you!

2 - Get informed and educate yourself.

Obtaining serious information is crucial for your new way of eating, nowadays it is very easy to find good content on the internet. Always remember to look for scientifically based information from experts. If you want recommendations for documentaries, videos, interviews, TEDx, books, websites, organizations, etc., check out our newsletter and our social networks to always be up to date with the latest plant-based food news.

3 – Get inspired.

Seek inspiration from people who follow lifestyles similar to yours. In the past, it was thought that a person who ate only plants would necessarily be a skinny, bearded hippie. This is a myth. There is no stereotype of this type of person, there are athletes, rockers, tattooed people, hippies, doctors, those who maintain a plant-based diet, who practice yoga, etc. They are ordinary people, they just decided to eat in a more conscious way. Find your tribe and look for inspiring people around you and on digital media to help you in this process!

4 - Learn easy recipes.

Learn how to make practical and nutritious recipes. A plant-based diet with real food is simple, think about it, our famous beans and rice are plant based! Don't look for very elaborate recipes at the beginning, stick to the basics and the process will be easier.

5 – Eat well and enough.

It is crucial that we have a varied and healthy diet, it is not enough to eat chips and industrialized plant-based products, this is not sustainable and will not do your health any good. A plant-based diet is very healthy when we eat mostly whole foods! Another important point is to eat enough calories!! When many people adopt a plant-based diet, they lose a lot of weight, precisely because a plant-based diet has greater nutritional value but has lower caloric density (and that's great), meaning you can (and need) eat more to reach the calories. . But don't worry, it's not complicated at all, just increase the portion of beans, vegetables and everything else :)

6 - Go to the nutritionist.

Even with all the support from friends and information on the internet, it is important that you consult a specialized professional. Each person is unique and the same goes for their diet. Therefore, as far as possible, look for a nutritionist who specializes in plant-based nutrition and who is up to date with new scientific discoveries regarding a “plant-based” diet. Avoid the “you need milk to have calcium” and “eat meat to have iron”.

7 - Support programs.

You can start with support programs like @21diassemcarne where you will receive tips, information and daily support to create a new habit! How about starting with @segundascarne too? A change starts as a discipline until it becomes a habit!

8 - Take your time.

Understand that starting a new way of eating is a long process and each one takes time. Nature doesn't make leaps and we are part of it, some go faster, others not so much! We need to understand our weaknesses and all the cultural baggage we have. However, it is important that we wake up from old traditions and cultures that no longer make sense, that we get out of autopilot and act with awareness. Take your time, celebrate the small victories and don't give up because of small mistakes, look at the next step and not the end of the ladder! Every step you take, you are saving animals, taking care of your body and mind, saving natural resources and changing your mindset!

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