O que é ultracongelação e como ela preserva a qualidade dos alimentos?

What is deep freezing and how does it preserve food quality?

Deep freezing is a food preservation process that aims to extend the shelf life of food and maintain its original quality and flavor. It is a method widely used in the food industry to preserve the flavor, texture and nutrients of food.

The operation of deep freezing is based on reducing the temperature of the food to a very low temperature, generally below -35ºC , in a very short period of time, in order to avoid the formation of ice crystals in the food. The absence of these ice crystals is what guarantees the quality of the food.

 5 Curiosities about deep freezing

1) Deep freezing is a technique that consists of quickly freezing food at very low temperatures, generally below -30°C. This process prevents the formation of ice crystals, preserving the quality and nutrients of the food.

    2) One of the main benefits of deep freezing is the preservation of nutrients present in food. As the process is very fast, nutrient loss is minimal, allowing quick-frozen foods to maintain a high nutritional value for much longer than fresh foods.

    3) Another benefit of deep freezing is practicality. Quick-frozen foods are much more practical than fresh foods, as they can be stored for much longer and prepared quickly and easily. Furthermore, the quick-freezing process helps maintain the texture and flavor of food, allowing it to be prepared and consumed as if it had just been harvested.

    4) Deep freezing is a very effective process for preserving food, maintaining its quality, texture and original flavor. It is a method widely used in the food industry, allowing the production of nutritious, practical and high-quality food. With the growing demand for healthy and practical foods, deep freezing has been an important ally in the production of quality food.

    5) Deep freezing is an innovative technique that offers numerous benefits for the food industry and consumers. In addition to ensuring the preservation of nutrients and flavor in food, it is a great ally in the fight against food waste. By choosing quick-frozen meals, we are choosing a practical, tasty, healthy and sustainable option, as we are contributing to reducing waste and preserving the environment.

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