Frutas de baixa caloria: emagreça sem abrir mão do sabor

Low-calorie fruits: lose weight without giving up flavor

A healthy diet is essential to keep the body in balance and achieve a healthier lifestyle. When we are looking to lose weight, it is important to choose foods that are nutritious, tasty and low in calories. In this sense, fruits are perfect allies, as in addition to having a multitude of nutrients, many of them are also low in calories.


Strawberries are an incredibly tasty and versatile fruit. In addition to being an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, it has a low calorie content. A serving of strawberries contains around 50 calories. You can consume it fresh, add it to salads, smoothies or even use it in healthy desserts, such as diet jellies.


Watermelon is a refreshing and very tasty fruit, especially on hot days. It is mainly composed of water, which makes it an excellent hydration option. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamins A and C, fiber and antioxidants. Surprisingly, watermelon is also a low-calorie fruit, with about 30 calories per serving.


Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit, known for its acidic and sweet flavor at the same time. In addition to being a source of vitamin C and bromelain, an enzyme that aids digestion, pineapple is a great option for those looking to lose weight, as it only contains around 50 calories per slice. You can consume it fresh, in natural juices or even grilled to prepare healthy desserts.


Peach is a juicy and aromatic fruit, rich in vitamins A and C, as well as containing fiber and antioxidants. With only around 40 calories per unit, peach is an excellent choice for those looking to lose weight. You can consume it fresh, add it to salads, prepare homemade jellies or even use it in healthy pie recipes.


The apple is a classic fruit and is well known for its health benefits. Rich in soluble fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, it helps control appetite and contributes to good digestion. With around 60 calories per unit, the apple is a low-calorie fruit that can be consumed fresh, used in cooked preparations such as jams and chutneys, or even dehydrated to make healthy chips.


Fruits are true treasures of nature, full of essential nutrients for our health. Furthermore, many of them are low in calories, which makes them perfect allies for those looking to lose weight without giving up flavor. Try including these five fruits in your daily diet and enjoy all the benefits they can offer for your well-being.

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