Açúcar: O papel crucial de manter sua ingestão abaixo de 10% das calorias diárias

Sugar: The crucial role of keeping your intake below 10% of daily calories

Sugar is an intrinsic component of our daily diet, adding flavor and sweetness to the foods we love. However, wisdom lies in understanding the importance of limiting your intake of this ingredient.

1. The Importance of limiting sugar intake:

Consuming excess sugar is associated with a series of health risks. From problems such as diabetes and obesity to cardiovascular issues, the impacts are vast. Furthermore, sugar triggers inflammatory processes in the body, reinforcing the need to keep its intake under control.

2. Types of Cane Sugar:

It is crucial to understand the differences between refined sugar and brown sugar. While the refined goes through a purification process that removes valuable nutrients, the muscovado retains part of these elements, giving it a nutritional advantage.

3. Practical tips to keep sugar below 10% of daily calories:

Reading labels carefully is essential to identify hidden sources of sugar. Smart substitutions, such as swapping sugar for healthier options, and utilizing the natural sweetness of fruit are effective practices for keeping sugar below the recommended limit. These strategies ensure that daily sugar intake does not exceed 10% of total calories.

4. Conclusion: Balance is Key:

Consciously incorporating sugar into your meals is possible, as long as you respect healthy limits. In 100% plant-based and quick-frozen ready meals, the commitment to long-term health is evident, providing a gastronomic experience that not only satisfies the taste buds, but also nourishes the body.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of a nutrient-rich diet without compromising your health. In ready-to-eat meals, paying attention to sugar becomes even more crucial to ensure a delicious and, above all, healthy culinary experience.

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